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400 contests run & only 4 stopped.

Safest and best run white collar promotion

We off the most comprehensive training package of any white collar promotion with extensive preparation implemented by a team of boxing coaches (not personal trainers).

Progressive sparring throughout the 11-week programme is the centre of your bespoke training regime. You have access to our head coaches throughout for support and guidance, we build each participant a personalised training regime, built around your sparring sessions.

Our extensive preparation coupled with our stringent matching criteria ensures that boxers are fully prepared to compete at a level appropriate to them.

We are the longest running White Collar promotion outside of London and we’ve guided over 700 people through this process.


Safety is paramount and this includes a full medical team and a trained referee, but starts with appropriate matching of contests. We’ve matched 400 contests and only 4 have been stopped – this record in un-paralleled. Each boxer has full media support with press interviews and a professional photo shoots to produce social media material.

We can take a complete beginner and have them ready for fight night on our programme.

We will embrace you into our beautiful sport, engage you in our pugilistic community and you’ll experience a unique camaraderie exclusive only to those in the world of the fight – all this when you are becoming fitter and stronger than ever before, whilst raising funds for a charity of your choice.

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