Frequently Asked Questions
This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.

We strongly advise you to attend one of our FREE Taster sessions.
Here you can meet the coaching team and ask as many questions as you like.

Is it really for beginners?

YES, although many people who sign up have either done some one-to-one pad work or boxercise prior, a ‘blank canvas’ is the best person to work with. We have a tried and tested system of ensuring boxers are ready to compete at a level appropriate to them. We can take you from having never thrown a punch to fight night in 11 weeks.

What will the training be like?
Training will be at the prestigious Henrietta Street Gym, you will be guided by a team of Boxing coaches (not Personal Trainers). Training will be centred around progressive sparring. This starts with Beginners Intro and you progress into ‘Fight Camp’. Outside of your commitment to sparring sessions you are advised by a coach on how to utilise the facility, coaches and boxing session to build your bespoke training regime.
Why is the training not FREE, like other WCB promotions?

The ratio of coaches to ‘boxers’ is 1:8 throughout. All of our boxing coaches (not Personal Trainers) have experience of working with ‘real boxers’ and hold accredited boxing qualifications. Additional to boxing training you have access to our accredited team of Strength & Conditioning coaches (not Personal Trainers). Sparring is progressive and builds from fundamentals/ beginners to open – this is the most sports specific preparation you can get to prepare you for your contest. Your training schedule is bespoke to you and is guided by our expert team of coaches.  You are training at a premium facility and have access to it and its boxing/ conditioning classes for 84 hours per week. You have full social media package including promo video’s, photos and banners. 20% of the value of tickets you keep for a charity of your choice. The event you box on is a premium event and capped to 12 bouts. Our risk assessment, processes and matching criteria have resulted in a 1% stoppage ratio – we offer the best white collar package in the country – UNDISPUTED.

What kit do I need to buy?
Full kit is provided throughout. You will need to purchase a groin guard (male only), and gumshield. We strongly advise purchasing boxing boots, but they are not mandatory.
What is required of me?
To satisfy our risk assessment and insurance you must train at the host facility for a minimum of 3 times per week throughout the ‘fight camp’. Additional to this you must attend a minimum 5 out of 8 beginners intro sparring sessions and a minimum of 5 out of 8 fight camp sessions. All boxers must also sell tickets at the face value of £500. For group communication, we require all boxers to set up or use a Facebook account and watch two five-minute video’s per week.
How strict are you on enforcing the rules?
We reserve the right to remove anyone from the programme without refund, who hasn’t complied to our risk assessment.
What is the cost of the package?
This has a total cost of £170. We take incremental payments in case boxers withdraw or are injured. There is an additional non-returnable deposit of £20 to reserve your place, £50 at the start of the programme, £50 mid-way through and £50 five weeks from completion.If you are a Henrietta Street Gym member, the full package is free to elite members or can be purchase for £69 for regular member.
How and when is my contest matched?
All contests must fall under the same ABAE weight category or the weight differential can be no greater than 10% (10% of the lighter participant) Our coaching team supervise training throughout, but we must see you check point spar your opponent prior to the match been approved. It is preferential to match contests where participants are of similar age. Contests are matched 4 to 5 weeks out from fight night and you are moved into teams for your final stages of fight camp.
What if I get injured?
Some injuries we can accommodate with rest and tailoring sessions, some will rule you out of fight night. We incrementally take payments so that you are not charged for the full package.
What if I am not happy with my bout?
We do not get matching bouts wrong. If you want an opponent who you are guaranteed a win against, you are signing up with the wrong organisation. We do not refund boxers who do not trust our judgement with respect to bouts.
What if you can’t find me a bout?
Sometimes we can’t find appropriate bouts for participants. If this is the case, we offer a full refund.
How much are tickets?
All boxers keep 20% of the face value of tickets to donate to a charity of their choice. Face value prices are as follows. VIP Booth/ Ringside £50pp (drinks included on Sector Bash only shows) Premium Booth £40pp (drinks included on Sector Bash only shows) Restricted View Booth £30pp Bar Standing £25pp
What if I don’t sell my ticket allocations?
Boxers are required to sell tickets to the face value of £500, if you do not reach this quota you will be invoiced for the shortfall.
I’d like to talk to someone before signing up?

We strongly advise you to attend one of our FREE Taster sessions. Here you can meet the coaching team and ask as many questions as you like, alternatively send us an email discuss further.

10 Step
Process to Boxing

Step 1

Fill in the sign up form

This is your first step on the journey

Sign up

Step 2

We will get in touch

We will make contact with you and you can either reserve your place via a non-refundable deposit or attend one of the FREE taster days prior to signing up – be advised, spaces are limited.
Step 3

Beginners Intro Sparring

For the first 4-weeks, your training is based around ‘Beginners Intro Sparring’ here we build your confidence as we teach you to throw and defend basic punches.
Step 4

Assessment Sparring

Fresh from Beginners Intro Sparring we break the groups down so that you can start sparring with boxers of similar weight and ability. Your boxing starts to become more free flowing.
Step 5

Media Day/ Squads Announced

4/5 weeks out from Fight Night you’ll discover who your boxing. This is started with press interviews and a professional studio photo shoot, including head to heads.
Step 6

Fight Camp

Fight Camp is where training steps up a notch as you start sparring three, two minute rounds with sparring partners specific to what you are boxing.
Step 7

Taper Week

The final week is wind down week and surprisingly hard to wind down after an intense 8 weeks of training
Step 8

Weigh in

The night before we weight participants and the reality of what is about to come dawns on you.
Step 9


Arrive at the venue early, check out the ring and complete your medical.

Enter the ring

With our thorough preparation and appropriate matching you will ne ready for your adrenaline fuelled six minutes. The pain of the process is temporary, but the sense of achievement will last a lifetime.